Getting to Know More about Financing Receivables Guaranteed for Acceleration Loans!

For entrepreneurs, funding is one of the crucial things in running a business or business. In many businesses, many problems that make the course of a business hampered one of the most frequently encountered problems namely financial problems. This one problem usually arises because of the imbalance of cash flow from the business, so when it will appear where the finances will be difficult and the business that we build starts to run stagnant or even decrease.

From these problems, many entrepreneurs have to rack their brains to find ways to make their business stable, one of which is seeking loans. But with a loan does not mean that the problems will disappear, usually these loan service providers have terms and conditions that must be agreed upon before the loan is disbursed. Some loan services for SMEs such as the Accelerated Lending Peer-to-Peer (P2P) platform that already has products to make it easier for borrowers to apply for loans using products from Good Lenders Credit , namely receivables financing.

Therefore we will discuss further about what receivables financing is, how the submission process uses receivable financing and so on.

Receivables financing, a product that makes your loan application easier!

With products such as receivables financing , it will certainly make it easier for those who need funds to develop their businesses. Examples of the convenience of this receivables financing you can apply for a loan using a Purchase Order (PO) , Work Order (SPK) or Contract. Now, we will discuss one by one the letter:

Purchase Order (PO)

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Purchase order is a worksheet or document that contains a summary of goods or services provided by the supplier and wants to be purchased by the company from the supplier. The form of the PO itself is a form and is made by the buyer and sent to the supplier of the goods. POs can also be used as legal documents that can prevent violations committed between sellers and buyers.

This PO system can be used to help companies maintain stability, provide products and services so as to reduce costs to a minimum.

In the Acceleration Purchase Order (PO) can be used as collateral for your loan application.

Work Order (SPK)

Work orders have more or less the same uses as work contracts where there is a relationship between the user and the service provider. With the existence of this Work Order that makes the right of claim from the service provider to service users for a payment if the project work has been completed. Usually in addition to the main collateral in the form of SPK that can bring up the right to claim, other parties themselves usually have the conditions for additional guarantees. The additional collateral is usually used to pay off debts from the service provider.


The calculation of debt

Not much different from Work Order (SPK), the contract also has the same system as the SPK, except that this contract is usually longer than the SPK.

All of these receivables financing have benefits, especially to be used as collateral in the loan application. If you have a business and need additional funds for your business development, you can use receivables financing financing as collateral for your loan application.

Submitting a loan on the Accelerated Lending Peer-to-Peer (P2P) platform can also reach $2 billion. For your business that has an Invoice / PO / SPK / Contract you can use these documents as collateral. In addition to these documents, other submission requirements in the Acceleration are also easy such as:

  1. Your business has been running for more than 1 year and is located in the Greater Jakarta area, Banten or Bandung. If your business is located outside the area, you can still use the services of Acceleration if the loan proposal is more than 200 million.
  2. A minimum loan of $75 million
  3. Your business has a net profit in the past year
  4. Your business has an account and can include a checking account in the past 3 months
  5. Fill out the form and provide complete supporting documents

If you want to develop your business and need funds you can use receivables financing at Good Lenders Credit to submit your loan at Good Lenders Credit. Also use the Acceleration application on Android or iOS so you can monitor your funding results more easily.